If you have the entrepreneurial spirit to grow an equity business that provides financial rewards for you and your family, The Affordable Geek wants to hear from you. The Affordable Geek addresses the needs of the large and rapidly growing market of residential computer users and small businesses – over 250 Million Residential Computer Users and over 20 Million Small Business Computer Users. We quite simply remedy the pain that millions of people suffer daily with what they find to be highly complicated. We solve their aggravating, stressful, time-consuming and therefore costly computer problems, by sending a competent, courteous, clean and considerate “Geek” to their home or small business to quickly solve their computer problems.

Are you looking for a change? Do you want to set your own hours and control your own destiny? Do you want to earn more money and gain financial independence? Do you understand the tremendous need for Computer Services and why there is unlimited potential in this industry?

To be a successful Affordable Geek franchisee, you don’t have to be a Geek, you just need to be able to manage a team of Nerds. We’ll share our proven systems that will help you recruit, train, and motivate good Nerd employees. Your Nerds will do the work – you’ll build and manage the business.

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