I was having a lot of trouble with my computer and the Affordable Geek was recommended to me by my friend and was I soooo glad for the recommendation. I took it to Brian and he fixed all my problems in ONE day not weeks like other places said it would take. I also have peace of mind for any possible problems for I purchased his own monthly computer maintance program in which he checks my computer for anything which should not be there. The peace of mind this gives me is truly awesome! Thanks so very much. your loyal customer, Marcia
Marcia Sawyer
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The staff at Affordable Geek are very experienced, and make you feel welcomed. Their prices are second to none. Their work is timely and very efficient. If your pc is giving you trouble, do not hesitate to take to Affordable Geek!!!
Michael E. Smith
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Hello Google and World, I brought a laptop from a local store call Trade It and I hadn't even used the laptop that long and then my charger piece popped out but before my charger piece popped out my computer system told me I had a counterfeit Windows 7 on my computer and Last Thursday I took my laptop to Affordable Geek to get it fixed and I was greeted by a loving and generous guy name Bryan he repaired my laptop at a reasonable price and installed windows 7 home premium on my computer for free. Bryan and your fellow co workers did an amazing Job and saved me some money I thank you so much!!!
Angela Thompson
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