“We Can Manage PCs, iPhones & iPads over the web!”

“Great experience for the people We support!”

“Offline and Cloud based, take back control of your time by protecting and maintaining your PCs even when they are powered off (magic!)!”

“Maintenance free actions for your PC’s it’s like having a Geek living in your home doing the nerdy work.”

“Less interruptions, We take care of everyday tasks without interrupting your time to schedule remote access sessions, means everyone’s happier.”

“We install our state of the art software to protect your computer and your identity.”  

“Proactive real-time alerts, We get notified when things go wrong on your PCs ,as it happens”

“Remote access with GeekLink is friendly and available just when you need it from anywhere in the world.”

·         Quick Question: The Affordable Geek is always available right when the problem occurs with your F8 button.  Our f8 quick question button allows you send an email with a screenshot of what’s happening on your PC when you experience a problem and your description of the problem with the press of a button.  The Affordable Geek will receive this email along with a detailed report telling him what’s going on inside your PC when the problem occurs which will help him solve your problem more quickly.

·         Never Interrupts your work: The Affordable Geek can proactively make your PC better without every bothering you or interrupting you.  We’ll do things like update and install applications, perform windows updates, clear your disk space and make your boot-time faster but you won’t feel a thing.  Soluto makes sure to perform the actions when your PC is idle.

·         Monitoring: GeekLink allows The Affordable Geek to monitor your PC and proactively solve problems even before you feel them.

·         Notification:   With our notifications, you’ll know what we did to improve your PC.  You’ll get a little message on your desktop telling you what’s been done to improve your PC.

·         Remote Access: If ever necessary, The Affordable Geek easily remotely access your PC to solve some deeper PC issues that sometimes arise.

·         Cross Device: We can support all of your devices (PCs, phones and Tablets) in one place

GeekLink Monthly Pricing

1 Computer


  • Automatic Daily Safety Checks
  • Automatic Patches & Upgrades
  • Automatic GUARANTEED Malware / Spyware / Virus Protection
  • NO Co-Pay for Remote Geek Support
  • NO Co-Pay for In-Shop Support
  • $50 Co-Pay for On-Site Support (60 minute block)

Additional Computers



75¢ per Gigabyte

  • Based on Volume as low as 75¢ per Gigabyte
  • Secure Off-Site Backup
  • Real-Time Sync
  • Files can be restored at a moments notice
  • Set it & Forget it. You never have to TALK about Backing up again, because you’re always doing it.
Please Note – $75 activation fee per computer, for initial cleanup, setup & integration. *Pricing with 12-Month Commitment. Parts/Software/Licensing may require additional cost. Free Evaluation Available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to leave my computer on?

We recommend it, but it’s not required. Everything is taken care of in the background while you work anyway. If your computer is off during the task, it’ll pick up where it left off when it comes back online.

Your Virus Protection is Guaranteed? What happens if something slips through?

We’re so confident that the Managed Antivirus tool will stop threats in their tracks that if in the highly unlikely event it doesn’t, our technicians will carry out full remediation at our cost. Now that’s what we call a pretty impressive guarantee.

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